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You won’t be an exception if you have been neglecting your AC’s scheduled maintenance for quite some time. Many  people in Greenacres, FL area do not care to follow up with the routine checks for their air conditioners. This results in the unit’s poor performance and reduced lifespan. The importance of maintaining your AC unit should be taken seriously because ignoring it will have serious repercussions. Along with the machine’s wearing out due to excess runtime and clogged ductwork, there is inefficient cooling, rising electricity bills and so on. The sad part remains that even if your AC is not too old, it cannot perform to its optimum capacity just because you have neglected its timely maintenance.

We at Greenacres AC Expert are aware of this and so we repeatedly stress on the importance of maintenance and giving your system the scheduled services it requires. Follow up with us by giving a call on 561-331-1649 for tuning up your HVAC system. Don’t forget that your AC like any other mechanical system is not everlasting and could fail any moment. Therefore, maintenance is mandatory as much as for a central AC unit in a commercial property as it is for a small split AC at home.

Why preventive maintenance pays for itself?

Maintenance services, for obvious reasons will not come free of cost. It is a contractual service that you have to avail from a company against a definite cost. However, this is a preventive measure for future benefits and saves you from shelling out several times more for unnecessary repairs in future. It also increases the lifespan of your air conditioner and lowers the rate of frequent operational failures. Advantages of regular tune-up for your machine lie also in saving you from paying large electric bills. Therefore, to avoid such unnecessary expenses on repairing and replacements later, it is better to buy a maintenance package now.

Our Multi-Point Maintenance Checklist:

Greenacres AC Expert does the following when called for a maintenance check:

  1. Greenacres AC Expert Greenacres, FL 561-331-1649Look out for any physical damage
  2. Refrigerant is checked and leaks are identified
  3. Duct checked for leakage or clogs
  4. Thermostat sensor and its working checked
  5. Proper lubrication is done for motors and bearings if required
  6. Compressor condition, condenser coil and fan checked
  7. Cleaning and replacements of air filters
  8. Thorough inspection of electrical connections and cables
  9. Check drain lines and condensate pans
  10. Algaecide tablets added as per requirement
  11. Inspection of controls and other ancillaries
  12. Cleaning outer surface of equipments along with air grills
  13. Any hidden issues are detected
  14. Repairs done if needed
  15. Ensures that the system performs to its maximum efficiency 

Maintenance plans to fit your budget:

Beware of dishonest companies in Greenacres, FL area from duping you into signing a maintenance contract that shells out an amount almost equivalent to buying a new AC. Understand and go for plans that would be cost effective and save your air conditioning from wearing out faster than its lifespan. Our package offers just that. Keeping in mind that our customers are our priority we give you budget-friendly plans for bi-annual and annual services both for business and domestic sectors. With us you would find your money’s true worth.

To get an AC maintenance rightly done choose the right company. To choose us at Greenacres AC Expert, give a ring on 561-331-1649 to learn about the myriad choices.