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Greenacres AC Expert Greenacres, FL 561-331-1649How shocking it would be for you to know that the air you are inhaling inside your property might be loaded with toxins? Indoor air is usually contaminated with harmful allergens, microbes, dust, pollen, mold, chemical vapors and so on. This has a long term affect on your health and can trigger respiratory problems, allergy issues, frequent sickness, etc. While many suggest that it is a waste of money to invest in getting the quality of air indoors improved, we at Greenacres AC Expert are aware of its importance as your health matters to us.

We guarantee fresh air in your indoor space in Greenacres, FL area. Besides the requirement for installing a new AC or a repair or periodic maintenance, call us on 561-331-1649 to ensure improved quality air indoors in business and residential spaces.

The misconceptions and truth about indoor air quality:

Many of us feel that remaining indoors is a healthy option as the pollution outside cannot touch us. But it is unwise to think so and can be proved if you get an air quality check done in your indoors. According to what the EPA says is, that the air inside your space can be much more polluted than outdoors. The fact lies that the air you inhale in a day, which is somewhere around 3000 gallons, is likely to be highly contaminated. Therefore, be aware of the vital importance of improving the air quality in your indoor space for a better and healthier living. Take the correct measures for yourself.

Do not lose your mind to unnecessary worries as to what steps to be taken and who to hire! Our specialized workforce in Greenacres, FL region will do all the needful for you. Call us and be free of your worries.

Eliminating indoor air pollution

We know all the probable measures to help your property get rid of the contaminants, pollutants, dust and debris circulating in the air inside your property. We examine the air quality indoors free of cost and suggest proper measures for its improvement as per need.

To improve the air quality some of the common steps followed are:

  • Installing and maintaining clean air conditioning:

    Unclogging and cleaning of the duct is of vital importance otherwise your AC unit keeps on circulating the polluted air inside your space. To help your air conditioning work efficiently and circulate clean air, a good cleaning of the duct is necessary. There is no other way to handle poor air quality indoors.

  • Specialized air purifiers

    The air filters that are fitted into your AC are able to trap dirt and dust but fail to filter microorganisms and particles that remain unseen to the naked eye. A highly advanced filter should be installed into an air conditioner that can filter out minutest pollutants and help you to breathe fresh air.

  • Germicidal UV lights:

    UV lights are of greater use when dealing with harmful microbes. No matter how advanced a filter is made to be, bacteria and viruses can still infiltrate. Thus installation of UV lights remains the only effective option to deactivate such microorganisms and keep your property healthy.

It is time for you to check your indoor air quality to bring in a change in your quality of living. Reach out to Greenacres AC Expert for assistance by calling 561-331-1649.