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Greenacres AC Expert Greenacres, FL 561-331-1649Time and again the heat of the summers of Greenacres, FL has proved that an air conditioner is a basic necessity for the people residing here. The air conditioner is a vital amenity that soothes people’s life by beating the heat, which prevails throughout a major part of the year. The heavy usage comes at a cost and therefore the AC is prone to frequent break downs. A machine that runs nonstop cannot avoid glitches, sometimes to the extent of complete shutdown.

Your need to keep the AC switched on for 365 days for the soaring temperature is completely justified. This in turn maximizes the probability of your AC to collapse. You might be a good owner who has kept up to date with all the scheduled services thereby helping to extend the longevity of your unit. However, this doesn’t stop your AC to fail on unexpected hours due to its continual run time. Therefore it is better to remain prepared for such incidents beforehand.

To be best prepared for these times is to reach out to Greenacres AC Expert, the only leading one stop service in business as well as domestic sector. Call 561-331-1649 now.

We fix anything and everything:

We are experts in finding a solution to your AC issues. Untrained and amateurs make their jobs easy by not getting into the details of the complex HVAC units and fixing the root of the problem, they instead choose to replace it. This way they save on their time and also make quick money by exploiting innocent customers. We on the other hand with strong business values see to it that every penny of the customer gets paid off. With our experience and in-depth knowledge on repairs we fix every problem of your AC unit at a low cost.

Our commitment and honesty has earned us the reputation of the most trusted name amongst the local service companies in Greenacres, FL. Our satisfied clientele base lies across both the sectors -commercial and residential.

Our repair services include:

  • Compressor repair: The compressor of an AC is the primary component and also the most complex to fix when at fault. Nonetheless, it is a cakewalk for our learned and experienced technicians.
  • Condenser repair: You may deduct that your condenser is most likely facing an issue if your AC repetitively switches on /off or the cooling is insufficient. Our efficient technicians would be quick to find out the source of the problem and provide the solution.
  • Filter change: The air filters of your air conditioner require a frequent cleaning up to keep away the dust and other pollutants from clogging it. Clogging reduces the cooling and the effectiveness of your system. We will replace it if we understand that it needs to be changed.
  • Refrigerant leaks and charging: A low or leaking refrigerant in your AC has considerable effects like inadequate cooling, greater pressure on the compressor and large energy consumption. Our professionals are skilled at detecting the cause and refill the refrigerant in case of a leakage.
  • Control issues: There are chances of the controls wearing off with time or electrical connections becoming loose. This would cause the machine to behave abnormally. Our able workmen can identify the fault and bring it back to normalcy in no time.
  • Sensor trouble: All ACs are provided with a thermostat sensor whose work is to calculate the temperature of the air flowing in, and balance it with the set temperature. Malfunction of this sensor could cause the air conditioning system to act unusually. We at Greenacres AC Expert can fix it for you.

Call us on 561-331-1649 if you are residing in Greenacres, FL area and wish to avail all our AC repair services. No matter what the issue, in no time we will fix your faulty unit.