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After a daylong toil at work, returning home to find your AC not working can be frustrating, yet a truth that you might have to encounter like many others in Greenacres, FL area. And there could be myriad reasons for the sudden breakdown for example, lack of timely service, negligence, continuous usage, or running an outdated model. A reliable residential AC service can give you all the guidance that you may need about maintaining your air conditioner and keeping it well that eventually keeps your comfort intact at your home. 

Find the experts who would help you in this.

Experience You Can Count On

You will find a variety of companies when you go out choosing for your AC service. However, only a handful of these could be relied on. The market is filled with all sorts of companies that do inferior quality work, sell products that are not required, never come on time or rip you off. With Greenacres AC Expert in the vicinity you never have to think of all these possibilities because it has stood the test of time, running strong in the AC service industry for more than two decades .We have the best in the industry working for us, high level infrastructure, exceptional training, outstanding business ethics and in-depth knowledge combined with an ardor to serve that makes us one of the most sought after service providers. Our number 561-331-1649 has found its place in the list of emergency contacts in our client’s phone book. This shows how paramount we have become in their lives.

What we offer?


If your AC is not functioning to its full capacity then allow our expert workmen to fix the fault. We see to it that your AC unit gives you the optimal efficiency by repairing it perfectly and avoiding unit or part replacements as much as possible


The performance will most likely be lacking in an old outdated HVAC system. Replace it immediately to get rid of frequent breakdowns, high energy consumption, sound emission or other operational hazards. Fix a free onsite consultation with us to determine the appropriate unit for your application.

Preventive maintenance:

Being up to date with your scheduled services will help you avoid unnecessary repairs. Call Greenacres AC Expert to sign a contract for periodic maintenance with us. We will address all probable issues and extend the life of your unit.

Indoor air quality services:

Your health as well as the health of your family gets risked if the air indoors gets contaminated. Inhaling contaminated air is harmful for any person, especially children, and people with respiratory problems. We help keep your home healthy though duct cleaning and IAQ improvement measures.

Air duct repairs:

A damaged duct work forces your AC to take extra stress to cool your indoors. It lowers efficiency, reduces cooling, overworks your unit and burdens you with high electricity bills. Moreover the quality of the air indoors falls rapidly. Avail our services to maintain the duct in good condition.

We are unbeatable in Greenacres, FL and are trusted by countless home owners. Choosing us will be a decision that you will never regret. Reach out to us on 561-331-1649