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Greenacres AC Expert Greenacres, FL 561-331-1649The summer heat of Greenacres, FL area could make your skin boil; on top of this your AC going wrong would be the least of your expectations. In this weather a defunct air conditioner might drive you to pick up any random company from the internet for the repair work. However, remember that this will only add on to your woes. With this you are likely to expose your AC unit to perils related to inferior quality service that is also highly overpriced. Greenacres AC Expert is the only dependable name to rely for world-class services. So look no further and give a call on 561-331-1649 anytime in 365 days when your air conditioning issue needs to be addressed. Honesty, reliability, on time response and high quality work are the important pillars which hold us.

Choose our services because:

It’s for everyone:

Our range of services is vast. You could name any service and find us doing it extremely well. We are masters in installing an intricate HVAC system as much as we excel in fixing your domestic AC unit. Therefore stop worrying where to go and ring us up for both commercial and residential purpose.

It’s affordable:

If you find a cut-throat AC repair bill shooting high post the service, know that you have been overcharged or have been fooled into availing some unnecessary services. We don’t engage in such cheap and tricky business schemes and work transparently with our customers, from quoting estimates to doing only that is required.

We deliver them on time:

We know how unbearable the summer temperature in Greenacres, FL area can be. We are strictly against keep you waiting for service help in this heat and so we have rigorously maintained a time span of 20 minutes for help to reach at your doorstep.

Greenacres AC Expert is a name that you cannot go wrong with when your AC is in trouble. Call up 561-331-1649 without delay.

New AC Installation

A life without an air conditioner in the sweltering summers of Greenacres, FL is just not possible. In fact, the importance of an HVAC system in our day-to-day lives and in battling unbearable summer heat cannot be gauged. However, choosing a unit that is apt for your purpose and property is equally important. Rely on the expert advice of Greenacres AC Expert, to help you to decide which air conditioner to install in your new home/office or to replace your old one. Call us on 561-331-1649 for any professional assistance required to handle your air conditioning job without any glitch. Your comfort matters to us and we have dedicated ourselves for the last couple of years to maintain your peace at home or office with our quality, cost effective and professional services. Click to read more...

AC Repair

Time and again the heat of the summers of Greenacres, FL has proved that an air conditioner is a basic necessity for the people residing here. The air conditioner is a vital amenity that soothes people’s life by beating the heat, which prevails throughout a major part of the year. The heavy usage comes at a cost and therefore the AC is prone to frequent break downs. A machine that runs nonstop cannot avoid glitches, sometimes to the extent of complete shutdown. Click to read more...

Ac Maintenance

You won’t be an exception if you have been neglecting your AC’s scheduled maintenance for quite some time. Many  people in Greenacres, FL area do not care to follow up with the routine checks for their air conditioners. This results in the unit’s poor performance and reduced lifespan. The importance of maintaining your AC unit should be taken seriously because ignoring it will have serious repercussions. Along with the machine’s wearing out due to excess runtime and clogged ductwork, there is inefficient cooling, rising electricity bills and so on. The sad part remains that even if your AC is not too old, it cannot perform to its optimum capacity just because you have neglected its timely maintenance. Click to read more...

Indoor Air Quality

How shocking it would be for you to know that the air you are inhaling inside your property might be loaded with toxins? Indoor air is usually contaminated with harmful allergens, microbes, dust, pollen, mold, chemical vapors and so on. This has a long term affect on your health and can trigger respiratory problems, allergy issues, frequent sickness, etc. While many suggest that it is a waste of money to invest in getting the quality of air indoors improved, we at Greenacres AC Expert are aware of its importance as your health matters to us. Click to read more...

Commercial HVAC System

A HVAC system going kaput in your firm transforms your office into a hot furnace. Your business comes to a standstill and production decreases, as employees face a difficult working environment in the heat and sweat. Every important business meeting has to be rescheduled as holding it in the hot stifling conference room is out of question. However, you can give a second thought before rescheduling your meetings when a reliable name like Greenacres AC Expert is available to help you. So, if you are troubled by a malfunctioning AC unit, our expert team that is efficient in all sorts of repair, maintenance and installation jobs will reach your place in no time and make your space comfortable. Click to read more...

Emergency AC Service

Negligence on your part towards your HVAC system may cause it to stop working suddenly and not keep you cool in the harsh temperatures of the Greenacres, FL area as you expect it to do. As a result you have to call in emergency services. To avoid this, preventive maintenance is very important as is a little foresight that your AC needs to be regularly tuned up. Even then, you may face breakdowns due to other factors. Click to read more...

Residential AC Service

After a daylong toil at work, returning home to find your AC not working can be frustrating, yet a truth that you might have to encounter like many others in Greenacres, FL area. And there could be myriad reasons for the sudden breakdown for example, lack of timely service, negligence, continuous usage, or running an outdated model. A reliable residential AC service can give you all the guidance that you may need about maintaining your air conditioner and keeping it well that eventually keeps your comfort intact at your home. Click to read more...